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Ribbons with printed designs 

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22mmx25yds Bears (Apple Green)
912022-5500 22mmx25yds Bears (Apple Green)
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25mmx20yds White Stars (Red)
916025-2350 25mmx20yds White Stars (Red)
25mmx20yds White Stars (Blue)
916025-3520 25mmx20yds White Stars (Blue)
25mmx25yds White Hearts (Lt.Pink)
969025-0430 25mmx25yds White Hearts (Lt.Pink)
25mmx25yds White Hearts (Dark Pink)
969025-1430 25mmx25yds White Hearts (Dark Pink)
25mmx25yds White Hearts (Red)
969025-1650 25mmx25yds White Hearts (Red)
10mmx20yds Starry (White/Lt.Blue)
973010-1010 10mmx20yds Starry (White/Lt.Blue)
10mmx20yds Starry (Lt.Pink/Pink)
973010-1150 10mmx20yds Starry (Lt.Pink/Pink)
10mmx20yds Starry (Hot Pink/Lt.Pink)
973010-1560 10mmx20yds Starry (Hot Pink/Lt.Pink)
10mmx20yds Starry (Red/White)
973010-2350 10mmx20yds Starry (Red/White)
10mmx20yds Starry (Navy Blue/Pink)
973010-3700 10mmx20yds Starry (Navy Blue/Pink)
10mmx20yds Mushrooms (Antique White) Grosgrain
F25010-0290 10mmx20yds Mushrooms (Antique White) Grosgrain
10mmx20yds Mushrooms (White) Grosgrain
F25010-1010 10mmx20yds Mushrooms (White) Grosgrain
10mmx20yds Mushrooms (Pink) Grosgrain
F25010-1150 10mmx20yds Mushrooms (Pink) Grosgrain
15mmx20yds Cars & Trucks (Lt.Blue)
F26015-3030 15mmx20yds Cars & Trucks (Lt.Blue)
15mmx20yds Cars & Trucks (Apple Green)
F26015-5500 15mmx20yds Cars & Trucks (Apple Green)
22mmx20yds Hearts (White/Red)
F47022-101Q 22mmx20yds Hearts (White/Red)
15mmx20yds Animal & Floral Print (Pearl Pink)
F58015-1230 15mmx20yds Animal & Floral Print (Pearl Pink)
15mmx20yds Animal & Floral Print (Hot Pink)
F58015-1560 15mmx20yds Animal & Floral Print (Hot Pink)
15mmx20yds Rise Up Daisy (Sherbet)
F68015-1530 15mmx20yds Rise Up Daisy (Sherbet)
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